Wellbeing Companion

Your Personal Wellbeing Journey

Welcome to AI Wellbeing Companion, an AI assistant that is dedicated to improving your mood and overall wellbeing. Our AI-powered companion is designed to help you achieve your goals and feel better about yourself.


Personal Wellbeing companion

24/7 someone to talk to

We leverage AI based on a scientifically proven approach to offer each user a complete multimodal experience to reduce stress, and improve their mood and emotional state. Always available at your fingertips.

Personal Companion
Get access to a personal companion, powered by advanced AI, to support your mental wellness journey.
24/7 Availability
Your companion is always available, never tired, and ensuring you have someone to talk to at any time of the day.
Dedicated Support
Receive dedicated and tailored support for your mental health needs, with a focus on personal growth and well-being.
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Therapist portal

Enhanced in-person therapy with AI-informed insights

Your therapist will have access to conversation summaries, enabling them to offer more informed and effective assistance during in-person sessions, enhancing the overall support you receive.

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